Live-Blogging the Second 2016 Presidential Debate

Well, this was promising to be a make-or-break moment for Donald Trump before Friday’s revelation of a 2005 hot mic video of the Republican Presidential candidate bragging to Billy Bush about being able to grope women because he’s a celebrity.  Now that we have heard from the Donald that he intends to make an issue of the former President Clinton’s affairs, I think this is a break-or-break moment for Trump.

10:30 pm: To make his case for trade protection, Trump says that China is dumping steel in the United States to put American steel companies out of business; Secretary Clinton says that Trump has bought that steel himself to build his buildings.  That’s a relatively mild takedown of Trump tonight, and Trump lets it go unanswered.

10:11 pm: “Why can’t we do something secretly, where we knock-out their leadership?”
–Donald Trump

You mean like when President Obama and Secretary Clinton oversaw the killing of Osama bin Laden in May 2011? What were you doing around that time, Donald?

9:54 pm: I’m sorry, I can hardly do this because I can’t focus on what’s being said.  Donald Trump has rambled through a number of responses.  I think the most-unbelievable was when he was asked what he would do about Islamophobia due to fears of terrorism and religious bigotry.  In response, Trump said that Muslims need to do more to report on what other Muslims are doing.  He also averred, when asked, on whether he would ban Muslims from entering the United States as he had previously promised, that it would simply be necessary to subject them to “extreme vetting.”  Secretary Clinton expresses horror at the idea of an ideological test for suspect populations trying to enter the United States.  Live by the bigotry, die by the bigotry.

9:25 pm: Trump gets the first (though weakest) applause of the night by asserting that Secretary Clinton is glad that he isn’t President because she would be in jail.  In response to this, Anderson Cooper asks the audience not to applaud.  “You’re just wasting time.”  Take that, undecided voters!

9:20 pm: Donald Trump just threatened to use the Department of Justice against Secretary Clinton of he became President.  He just threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to go after his politics opponent.  “A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for an arbitrarily-prosecutorial government.”  What a catastrophe this debate is for him.

9:16 pm: Donald Trump brings up President Clinton’s affairs and accuses Secretary Clinton of vilifying the womem he had affairs with.  Clinton responds with, “When they go low, you go high.”  She brilliantly moves on to Trump’s vicious comments about racial and religious minorities, saying that this is about the way Donald Trump bullies anyone who he considers vulnerable.

9:09 pm: This is a town hall debate: Undecided voters ask their questions.  Anderson Cooper asks the second question, regarding the creepy boasts he made about groping women.  Cooper asks Trump if he has actually sexually assaulted women.  Donald Trump doesn’t actually answer the question.  We just saw the election decided, just now.

9:00 pm: (A friend watching the debate stage before the candidates come out): “Anderson Cooper always looks disgusted.”


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