1 FOX News Reporter, Breathless in That Bubble

Dear reader, I’ve spent days digesting the historically-significant election the Democrats had this year.  My preliminary response may seem a bit topical considering the usual wordy rumination of this blog, but it’s short and sweet, and considering the surprise with which many Republicans met fairly-unambiguous election results, I feel it is as good of a place to start as any.  I’ve only now had the chance to watch FOX News’ coverage at the time of the election call of Ohio.  Bret Baier’s co-anchor Megyn Kelly implies President Obama couldn’t have been reelected, say, because a majority supported his policies and principles; rather, it must have been because of all that money spent on negative ads attacking the President.

That’s hilarious.  I say this not with angry sarcasm but with a dash of mystification.  I can’t tell if she actually doesn’t know that pro-Romney super-PACs put their man well over-the-top in the fundraising race overall and that almost all Republican super-PAC ads were negative, or if there is some weird implicit operational understanding that FOX News viewers should be influenced to believe otherwise.  Either way such hypocrisy is itself a good example of the lack of perspective that so thoroughly trashed the Republicans’ chances in this election.  I’m not talking about Republicans’ policies and values; like every other political junkie who thinks Republicans have succumbed to a serious information deficit, this is simply about what they allow themselves to see.  This kind of ethical hypocrisy and projection, and avoidance of neutral sources for partisan ones, should be viewed as shades of the same problem of excessive ideological rectitude.

Props to Brit Hume and Juan Williams, at least, for actually running through the numbers and recognizing that their network’s narrative focus throughout this Presidential Election cycle had simply been wrong.


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