Premise: Egyptian president-for-life Hosni Mubarak states that he values order for his country first and foremost, and thus he wants to wait-out the remainder of his term through September.


Premise: As he acknowledges both through his new vice president’s statement that the opposition’s grievances are legitimate and his announced intention to step down, the protesters’ central grievance is Mubarak’s refusal to leave office.


Premise: Mubarak also maintains that the protesters are the sufficient cause of the current disorder in Egypt.


Ergo: If Mubarak values order in Egypt and intends to leave office in September, then in the interest of order he should resign immediately.

If Mubarak is lying about valuing order or intending to leave office in September, then the opposition protesters are right about him, and he should resign immediately.


Conjecture: Mubarak’s public statements contain an essential logical conclusion that he should resign immediately.


One thought on “Mubaradox

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