The Liberal Ironist Would Like to Draw Your Attention to a Certain Astronomical Event…

…For those who are interested in this sort of thing, tonight won’t be just the darkest night of the year, but the darkest night in the past 372 years.  The Winter Solstice, the point at which the northern hemisphere is angled farthest from the Sun, coincides with a total lunar eclipse this year.  Those in North and Central America can witness it; apparently the eclipse will last from 1:33 am to 5:01 am, with the deepest dark at 2:41 am.  The last time this event occurred over this region was December 21, 1638.  Enjoy the cave-like conditions (if you can brave the howling wind and freezing temperatures)!  Just remember that the Moon is an astronomically-improbable object itself, when in orbit around a terrestrial planet like Earth.  We should be in awe of its presence as well as its concealment in shadow.


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