12:56 am: A Few Interesting Cultural Non-Transitions

California has voted down marijuana legalization; the State of Rhode Island has decided not to remove the term “and Providence Plantations” from its official name.

Lincoln Chafee, the former Liberal Republican Senator, has been elected Governor of Rhode Island.  Chafee was definitely assisted by President Obama’s refusal to endorse his Democratic opponent, Frank Caprio.


One thought on “12:56 am: A Few Interesting Cultural Non-Transitions

  1. Kukri

    I am proud of Rhode Island.

    Chafee was a good man, not an idealogue, so I’m still smarting over his defeat to Sheldon Whitehouse several years back. But it’s nice to see him back in public office. As a historian and fan of quirky names, I’m also glad they kept “and Providence Plantations” in the official state name. It has nothing to do with slavery, so there’s no need to erase any “stigma.”

    The Prop 19 defeat is quite big, and will set back the pro-marijuana crowd for a while. Yes, it became a big issue and was followed by the entire country, but if California cannot pass it, what are the chances other states will before California?


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