The Liberal Ironist Will Represent Jon Stewart’s Pro-Sanity Faction on the National Mall This Saturday…

The Liberal Ironist will represent Jon Stewart‘s Rally to Restore Sanity on the National Mall this Saturday…at Stephen Colbert‘s March to Keep Fear Alive, which he shall protest!  Someone must do a good imitation of a person standing up to persona conservatism!  Plus, mock-protest of false demagoguery is a good venue to produce an incidentally-timely message to partisan activists that hostility to opponents and evocation of a constant sense of crisis alienates people rather than converts them.  While this may be self-evident to those who tune partisans out for their suspected dogmatism, cynicism and expressive nastiness, activists themselves don’t seem to recognize this ironic situation, that they have consigned themselves into a corner by holding in lower esteem those who think differently than they do, thereby failing Nietzsche‘s criteria for an uncorrupted mind.  Ideological postures that spread through a population with the speed of oil on water often also penetrate with the depth of it.  The Liberal Ironist knows that profound conversion requires something other than alarming hyperbole and epithets applied to entire groups; claiming the consensus for oneself also isn’t enough.  It’s right and good to equip those you want to persuade with information; thereafter, give them the words to explain what they see–in a normal speaking voice.

On that note: There will be pictures.


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